The Backyard Barn

Located on 6 country acres in the beautiful
upstate of South Carolina.

Beautiful and Functional

Bowls and Birdhouses
feature hand-carved
intricate designs
each one unique!

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About “The Backyard Barn”……

Angela, a self-taught Artist, has been drawing and painting since childhood. After experimenting with several mediums, the discovery of gourds and their wonderful versatility and character led to a whole new creative outlet.
John, a former Electronics Technician, uses his skills to hand-carve intricate designs on gourds with such precision, many assume they are done by machine. Together, he and Angela collaborate to create beautiful and functional gourd bowls and designs. No two are ever alike!

Recent Work…..

Celtic Horse

This dyed gourd with a textured finish has a leather look. Approximately 8" high and 12" in diam. Wood burned and carved Celtic abstract of running stallion. Rim is a carved, burned, and filed rope-like trim.

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